Qintil Learning, Recruitment and Staffing Software

Qintil Learning, Recruitment and Staffing Software

All in one software for Recruitment, Learning and People management - made for care providers by care providers

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Qintil is easy to use Software as a Service for care providers and their people. It includes:

Learning Manager

  • A course library with over 40 e-learning courses
  • Build your own courses, quizzes and assesments
  • Deploy to teams based on job role and location and assign requirements automatically
  • Depoloy and store documents such as policies and require certain teams to read them
  • View reports and learning compliance data

Recruitment Manager

  • Create recruitment application forms and embed on websites
  • Build recruitment flows that can be applied based on job role, and allow canddiates to self service their application, upload docs 
  • Recruiters can take canddiates through a streamlined recruitment process defined per job role so nothing is missed
  • Take references, upload docs and crednetials with expiries 
  • Send direct to Learning Manager for course work
  • Be warned about expiring docs in advance and report on compliance 

Staffing Manager

  • Use as an internal rostering system or as a placement sytsem to place your staff with clients 
  • Complete shift management with pay rates (and chgarge rates if applicable), units, locations and clients (if applicable) 
  • Smart matching based on grade, skills, location, familiarity and others factors to create a smart score 
  • send shifts and timesheets to users' Qintil app
  • Take data direct from Recruitment and Learning Manager for total compliance 
  • Run payroll and invoicing (if applicable)

Qintil App 

  • Available on Android and iOS 
  • Uers can see and undertake learning based on job requirements
  • Shifts and timesheets can be sent to the app for approval and acceptance 
  • View document library from employers 
  • Users can manage their own CPD with custom trackers
  • Users can store all their certificaates from any source and share them with employers

User support

  • We provide complete online support for all users, avai;lable online 24/7 with real time chat and user knolwedgebase 
  • We offer employers great set up, training and support with a named account manager and telephone support