Custom-made sleep and relaxation spaces for people with complex needs.

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Our products can provide an innovative solution when someone with complex needs requires treatment in a height-adjustable or high sided bed. We have supplied products to over 40 NHS Trusts for use in care homes, hospitals & at home.

Our attractive, easily cleaned beds, designed with the involvement of NHS staff, come either with a netting roof or open top, windows, roll up blinds for privacy, tube holes where you tell us they are needed. Our design meets strict hygiene requirements. Over forty NHS Trusts across the UK have bought Safespace products for use in hospitals, care homes or at home. Our beds are of particular relevance to hospitals planning to meet their obligations regarding the CIPOLD Report (2013) recommendations.

Examples of how our equipment is used in hospitals:

  • We have installed a Safespace Hi-Lo on the Child Health & Assessment Ward at Preston Royal Hospital.
  • Leeds Royal Infirmary have used our equipment in their Paediatric Surgery Unit.
  • John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford have a Siesta in their Trauma Unit.

“It has prevented a great deal of safety incidents for us.” Jilly Heath, Trauma Unit, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

We now offer a product rental service for all of our products. The minimum period of time is one calendar month. Products will be delivered & collected after use This is particularly useful for short term use, such as a hospital stay or also as a trial where an Occupational therapist can rent a product for a client to check that the product is suitable. The majority of clients who rent our products decide to buy afterwards.

Cleaning Service
We also offer a cleaning service. This is particularly useful where products have multiple users, or for loan schemes. The product can be collected, & returned in a clean condition for re-use. This helps to extend the life of our products maximising their benefit.

“We purchased the Hi-lo bed for a 75 year old lady who had significant behavioural problems & was at high risk of self harm using standard equipment. Having researched the market, & on advice from an occupational therapist, this bed fits the bill. It has proved successful in allowing us to care for her in a safe environment & prevent any injuries to herself.” Tony Mcgarry, Service Manager, St John’s Care Home, Darlington

Visit our Safespaces Films page to see our products in use or see our Success Stories to hear what families and professional have to say about Safespaces Products.

If you’d like us to come and talk to you about which of our products are suitable for use in hospitals, respite centres or care homes, we can meet you or provide a demonstration for your team, deliver a presentation about how the products can be safely and appropriately used and address any queries you may have. Please contact us to find out more.