Creative Mojo Ltd

Creative Mojo Ltd

Bringing Craft to Care and the Community

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Creative Mojo Ltd
Creative Mojo Ltd

Our group and 1-2-1 workshops are tailored for each and every individuals needs.  For those looking to explore further creatively, we can tailor our workshops accordingly.

With our workshops, there are no limitations, everyone can be creative.
Having had more than seven years experience developing and running workshops for the residential care industry, we have crafted a solution that means everyone including individuals with severe learning disabilities can engage and enjoy being creative.

Our focus is on assisting residents to be creative, helping individuals ideas come to life.
We not only have tailored projects focussing on seasonal, cultural, art history and popular art movements but also love working with people on new ideas.

Helping people with Dementia regain their confidence.
Quite simply, our workshops assist in getting people with Dementia's Mojo back! 
By using our bespoke shapes, individuals who may have lost their previous confidence in being creative can join in, regain this confidence and feel able to express themselves once again.

Create artwork that can be displayed and shared as a group, giving lasting enjoyment.
Each individual produces an element of the final artwork which comes together as group piece. The best thing of all is this artwork can then be displayed on the walls for all to enjoy and feel proud of... Until the next visit of course!

Working with the wider community.
The workshops allow people time to meet, have a chat all while being creative. Along the way they may learn new skills if they have never painted or if they have in the past, perhaps relight their creative side.

Our 1-2-1 workshops are a bespoke offering, tailored to each individual’s ability and interest.
Many one-to-one sessions result from group workshops where an individual has expressed a keen interest in art and wants to explore further beyond the group. In certain cases, some residents prefer to work in a quieter environment and find they benefit a lot more from these bespoke workshops.

We support and assist Managers, Activity Coordinators and staff.
Having our workshop leaders running our workshops in your home allows Activity Coordinators or staff members more time to arrange additional rich and varied activities for their home to partake in. It also allows them the flexibility to be able to join in with the workshops too if they choose. We see our services as those which compliment and enhance the home's activity offerings as well as supporting the staff.

Every Mojo is trained and fully insured.
All our workshop leaders will support and engage every individual with respect, dignity and enthusiasm. Each has a current DBS or Disclosure Scotland certificate.

Our Workshop leaders all receive hands on training in many different classes. All are experienced in working with residents with Dementia and profound and multiple learning disabilities. Also a key part of our training is having first hand experience in working with a vast range of Care Homes and fulfilling clients needs as well as Management needs. 

Topics covered in our training are Dementia awareness | Learning disabilities | Challenging behaviour | Engaging residents and motivation | Management expectations | Marketing | Business planing. Training is on-going, we like to build on our Franchisees existing strengths and work with everyone to tailor training to their needs.

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