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ECE Group Services Ltd

ECE Group Services Ltd are a leading service provider for Ventilation Hygiene, as well as odour removal technologies.

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ECE Group Services Ltd
ECE Group Services Ltd

NOW AVAILABLE – ProCleanz. Powerful surface cleaning, Naturally

ECE Group Services Ozone division is pleased to announce that the ProCleanz electrolysed water system is now available. The natural, environmentally friendly and cost-effective cleaning solution for care homes.

  • Powerful – ProCleanz matched our outperformed regular harsh chemical surface sanitisers in live testing.
  • Reliable – A single until will produce 400 litres of sanitiser per day, with minimal running costs, for many years using only tap water and salt.
  • Natural – ProCleanz comes from water and ends as water. No chemicals to irritate your residents or your team, No fumes to affect breathing. In fact, it is so natural it doesn’t even need CoSHH and will not affect the environment in any way.
  • Cost Effective – In a larger care home, the ProCleanz can represent a 15 – 30% reduction in the cost of destructive chemicals and with a leasing plan you could see the savings from month one.

For full details see our dedicated website

In a busy care environment, you simply cannot have a room lying empty while you wait for yet another clean, that will only result in masking the odours to temporarily hide a persistent smell. With one of our clean air family products you can have a room back in service, with the odour removed, in less than 30 minutes. Activated oxygen has the remarkable property of being able to attract the foul-smelling particles and then self-destruct, taking the odour with it - permanently. No harsh chemicals, no perfumes, no oils, only naturally occurring ozone which dissipates quickly leaving you with clean smelling fresh air. No wonder hundreds of care and hospitality environments around the UK rely on our clean air family range to keep their facility more attractive to residents, their families and your visitors. From large ozone generators through to our brand new baby the Ozofresh Plugin - we have the solution to your odour issues.


Our ventilation division needs little introduction. We are well known as one of the finest service providers in the UK, with a portfolio of cleaning services to keep you safe and compliant to fire regulations, legislation and codes of practice: -


  • Kitchen Extract System
  • Laundry Extract System
  • Fire Damper Testing
  • General Supply & Extract System
  • Dust particulate testing (NADCA)
  • Microbiological testing (DIFCO/Contact Plates)


We Also Offer

  • Free Quotation's
  • In-depth Survey's
  • Pre and Post Clean Reports
  • Conformity Certificates
  • Scheduled Maintenance Visit's

We are always happy to discuss your needs, so why not call our friendly team for an informal chat about how we can work with you to help you maintain your safe, efficient and cost-effective care environment.