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Contract 360

Contract 360 the app for all Buyers

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Contract 360
Contract 360

Contract 360 is a highly functional and user friendly app that is designed to assist Buyers to manger their supplier orders and contracts. 

Contract 360 offers a simplistic management app which eliminates the need for lengthy paper trials, removing any chance for agreements being missed or lost. 

Key notifications can be set to make sure all fundamental milestones are flagged both on the dashboard and direct to your email including timescales, price changes and rebate dates, making sure nobody misses a critical deadline.

Quotes, tenders, competitor’s quotes, product literature, price lists, discount structures and supplier and purchasing term and conditions can be held in the Contract 360 app. This means all your supplier information is always just a click away. 

Contract 360 can also be used to manage hire and lease agreements and also maintenance contracts. 

Easy integration into any procurement teams IT infrastructure with no configuration required. We have a customer service team for maximum support.

The ultimate app for all Buyers - never miss a key deadline again, enable quick search feature for faster management and Senior Buyer overview functionality to track all your contracts and your teams performance. 

At Contract 360’ we’re committed to giving our clients the best in everything and that also means offering them the best value options. We offer the app on two price options either to purchase out right or to lease on a per user basis.